Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Roll The Dice

This dress is another Modcloth one. I have put off wearing it as it is a shell type material that I was not sure about. I wore it today and actually it is quite warm and lined. I actually don't know why I was put off by it to start with because it has been nice to wear.

These glasses are new from ebay. They wear sunglasses and I am not a label person but I loved the shape and colour plus the price was good. I had them reglazed by my go to company for reglazing Specs-by-post. I posted them Friday and received an ebay invoice Monday morning which I paid then an email in the afternoon saying they had been posted already! They arrived Tuesday! This is why I love Specs-by-post! They are super fast and cheap! it cost me £10 for prescription lenses and £5.15 recorded delivery.

I picked up these shoes on my Meadowhall trip last week when I met up with fellow fat blogger friends Rebs of Sullen_hearts and Claire of AMonkeyFatshionista. I have never had glitter shoes so was quite excited to get these!

Dress - Modcloth Just Roll With It size 4x $37.99
Leggings - Asos Curve
Shoes - New Look Wide Fit £12.99 
Bangle  - Vintage gift
Glasses - Moschino Sunglasses via ebay £27
Reglazed by Specs-by-post.com £15.15


Friday, 24 October 2014

Light Years

Sorry for the bad quality pictures! I thought with the light it would have been better than this but sadly no. I have many Modcloth dresses now but this one may be my favourite! With its longer sleeves and beautiful irregular polka dots it has a vintage look to it. 

With pockets and a good longer length on my 5'3'' frame it was perfect for my trip to Meadowhall this last weekend to meet some lovely ladies for shopping and food. I picked up some goodies that you will see soon! Keep an eye out for Modcloths free UK postage events and their amazing sales!!!! 

Leggings - ASOS Curve size 24
Glasses - Vintage Etsy VintageEyeGlassesCat
Earrings - Charcoal Designs
Brooch - LadyBirdLikes

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Bugs Life

This really is a Summer dress with it's Picnic cloth design and Ants! I am trying to get as much life out of my Summer dresses as possible plus it is nice to wear something so off season to remind you of those warm days. You may have guessed this is a Modcloth dress. They are brilliant for crazy and fun prints like this.

This one came with a belt and I have the same style in a few other prints. It had pockets and is fully lined. I love the Ants print and the cute Strawberry button detail down the shoulder. Leggings are now my everyday item since the weather has cooled and I don't like wearing tights. I have gone with some more New Charcoal Designs jewels! This amazing brooch and earrings are a perfect match for this dress.

Dress - Modcloth No Ifs, Ants, or Buts size 4x $37.99 (£23.58)
Leggings - Asos Curve
Shoes - Clarks
Ring - Vintage
Bangle  - New Look old

Friday, 10 October 2014

Spooky Designs

Happy Halloween! Ok maybe not exactly Halloween but close enough! So I ordered a couple of things from the FDAvenue Curvy Collection recently after finding them on Instagram and this cardi was a must. Firstly the sizing of this is a 26 but is more like a 20/22. I can live with that as it is an open cardi with no buttons but quality...let me just say I have worn it once and the bobbles are out of control! It was cheap but still I want a bit better quality for me cash.

I made an order with the lovely Laura from Charcoal Designs last week via her etsy store and I can not praise this lady enough!!! Her designs are amazing and quality is fabulous and brilliant customer service and care! You will see my ordered items soon but for this outfit I chose the Black Devil earrings, Lady with Skull Brooch and Cherry Necklace.

Can I just say that my order arrived in 6 days!!! That is faster than stuff I order from the UK!

Cardi - FDAvenue Skull Cardigan size 24/26 £17.99
Dress - Asos old
Leggings - Asos
Shoes - Clarks

Monday, 6 October 2014

The Power Of Fatshion

I woke up in a terrible mood for no reason. Well there are many reasons that include frustration with doctors over my sons care but I decided to put on a new dress and bit of make up and turn my frown upside down. This dress is one of many I ordered from Simply Be recently but only kept a few.

I had seen this dress on the Simply Be instagram when it was first released but figured because of the tulip shape it would not work on me. Since it was a sale and free postage I took my chances and was happy that it fit and looked awesome!

It is the thick stretch cotton fabric that I love and as such makes a great Autumn/Winter dress! Being sleeveless I added my mint eyelash knit cardi that I picked up in the Primark sale last winter and pink leggings. I realise the pink leggings are a bright bold statement but thats the mood I was in and I will no doubt add some green/blue leggings that match the colours in the print for future wears.

The bust is a lovely sweetheart shape that I have never worn before.  The tulip shape is loose on my hips and does make me look bigger than I am but I am fat and happy with that so No F**ks Were Given! This outfit had the desired effect of changing my miserable mood. Never underestimate The Power of Fatshion!

Dress - Simply Be Tulip Dress size 28 £25
Cardi - Primark
Leggings  - Primark
Shoes - Clarks
Glasses - VintageEyeGlassesCat etsy

Monday, 29 September 2014

Call Me

This is another Modcloth dress and you may have seen it on Chloe in my Plus North photos. It is such a fun print and I love the collar. I wore this to show what I would be wearing on my little family holiday to a caravan at Ingoldmells last week. 

The bag is like a timewarp back to my childhood when I had every colour of these bags and the shoes to match. This one is by SunJellies who have been around since 1946! It was perfect for carting around all Franklins toys and bits.  

Dress - Modcloth You Called It size 4x $28.99
Belt - from another dress
Shoes - Birkenstock
Hat - Primark
Bag  - SunJellies £10

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Goonie For Life

I have a few pieces by Bete Noire including my custom red double heart necklace that says "Frankie Baby" and I had thought about getting a Goonies inspired necklace for some time. I sent Bete a few reference pictures and came up with this idea. I have to say it turned out even more awesome than I thought it could be! The first heart based on the design of Chunks Hawaiian shirt, the second with the treasure map detail. The Copper Bones Skull Key on the bottom and a pearl necklace like the one Mouth hides in his mouth but Mama Fratelli finds and pulls out.

Bete does the best custom orders! I have seen a Back To The Future, Clueless, True Romance and lots of others. Check out her Instagram for photos!

Necklace - Custom order from Betenoirejewellery.com